What Is the Software Development Life Cycle?

Web and software developers all over the world use the software development life cycle (SDLC) to implement tech projects successfully. The software industry follows the SDLC to design, develop, and test projects before deployment. When carried out effectively, the SDLC produces high-quality software that meets customer expectations and reaches completion within time and cost estimates…. Read more »

The Future of Nursing: How Changes in the Healthcare Industry Affect Clinical Practice

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the healthcare industry. With changes in care delivery, technological advances and increased patient expectations, the role of nurses as healthcare professionals is growing and evolving. This trend requires nurses to have the latest information at their disposal so they can effectively assess and treat their patients…. Read more »

5 Business Skill Areas to Help You Succeed

It’s no secret that business is one of the most popular fields of study for college students. Degrees in business and related subjects like finance, accounting, management and economics are traditionally chosen by those who are looking for versatile coursework based in practical, real-world topics that can be applied to many careers. The choice is… Read more »

The Role of Hospital Management in Transforming Healthcare

In a time of rapid change in the healthcare system, it’s no surprise that hospitals across the country are examining new patient care delivery approaches. In many cases, business professionals with management experience are driving innovation. According to experts at the Harvard Business School (HBS), healthcare managers are the “missing link” when it comes to… Read more »