What is Integrated Technology? (Part 2)

The recently renamed online Bachelor of Science in Integrated Technology program at Husson University seeks to help students make connections between the technical skills required of computing professionals and their practical application to the business world.

For Husson, the difference between information technology and “integrated technology” lies in the scope of instruction. As Assistant Professor of Information Technology Michael Knupp explains, Husson’s integrated technology program emphasizes more than technical skills. It helps students frame the global context of technology. The integrated technology program encourages students to participate in conversations about how digital and work spaces interact, translating their education into practical skills that lead to career advancement.

Michael Knupp - Husson University


Real-World Results

Because the need for IT professionals is so widespread, Husson prepares students to enter just about every sector of the workforce. Graduates would have the education necessary to apply for the following jobs:

  • Computer programmer
  • Programmer analyst
  • IT quality assurance manager
  • Software developer
  • Business analyst

Husson prepares students for these roles by teaching a wide range of relevant topics, like:

  • Programming and mobile design languages (Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, C#)
  • Database design
  • Project management
  • Systems analysis
  • Business ethics
  • IT security

The program’s commitment to connecting software technology and its practical application means students are prepared for success. The proof is in the results: Nearly 100 percent of Husson IT graduates are employed. Since Husson ensures that every graduate understands technology in its larger context, alumni are primed for professional success.

What is Integrated Technology? (Part 2)

Why Is Husson’s Integrated Technology Program Unique?

As Knupp says, “If you want to do, come here.”

At Husson, online students become part of an experiential learning process. Since the university emphasizes excellence in teaching, undergraduates learn from experienced instructors who are invested in student success. All instructors are readily available to help, care about student outcomes and tout professional credentials that make them experts in their field. This combined with the university’s commitment to professional relationships is why Husson graduates are equipped to do more and so highly sought after by employers.


The Online Bachelor of Science in Integrated Technology

Those entering today’s IT workforce need not only technical training, but an understanding of broader systems of business and practical knowledge. For these individuals, the online Bachelor of Science in Integrated Technology with a concentration in software development is the perfect fit.

For students looking to advance their careers, the online Bachelor of Science in Integrated Technology at Husson University offers a hands-on curriculum that readily prepares students for success in tomorrow’s jobs. Since the program is offered fully online, students can fit their education into a schedule that works for them. The program can be completed in as little as 12 months, fast-tracking students to a better career.

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