MBA - Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Total Credit Hours: 36
  • Time to Completion: 12 - 24 months*
  • Tuition: $532 per credit hour**

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Program Overview

Innovation and entrepreneurship drive growth throughout the U.S. economy. Are you ready to discover the next big idea that reshapes how companies view success? If so, Husson University’s MBA in innovation and entrepreneurship program will empower you to achieve your goals.

Our MBA in innovation and entrepreneurship goes beyond the theories and principles that lead companies to develop breakthrough products and services. You’ll dive deep into the strategies that help businesses develop technologies, improve processes and reach new markets. Plus, explore best practices for launching successful ventures while preparing for a career at a range of organizations, including:

  • Leading corporations.
  • Small businesses.
  • Tech startups.
  • Nonprofit organizations.

Husson produces more MBA graduates than any other school in Maine, and this is the state’s only MBA program with a competency in innovation and entrepreneurship. By joining this program, you’ll learn how to harness emerging technology, develop winning strategies and succeed in a global economy.

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Admission Requirements

The following is required for admission to the MBA in innovation and entrepreneurship program:

  • Completed application
  • Official transcripts of all previous college work
  • One letter of recommendation
  • Statement of purpose essay
  • A leveling course for non-business degree holders; waivers of this course may be available to MBA transfer students as well as applicants who have terminal degrees or professional experience.

Applying to Husson’s MBA in innovation and entrepreneurship program is streamlined and efficient. Our online application guides you through each step of the process. You can also save your partially completed application at any time and finish it later. Husson accepts up to six transfer credits for graduate degree programs.

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Course Map

Students seeking an MBA in entrepreneurship or innovation get the best of both worlds through this online program. Featuring specialized coursework led by engaged faculty, this program shares how business professionals use emerging technologies and enterprising practices to their competitive advantage.

Core Curriculum [21 Hours]

BA 600 Research Methods: 3

BA 601 Managerial Economics: 3

BA 602 Managerial Accounting: 3

BA 605 Management Communications: 3

BA 625 Global Strategic Management: 3

BA 643 Strategic Change Management: 3


Choose one of the following:

BA 620 Financial Management: 3

BA 703 Financial Management in Healthcare Organizations: 3

Innovation and Entrepreneurship [15 Hours]

Choose one of the following:
BA 621 Marketing Management: 3
BA 712 Strategic Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations: 3
BA 720 Advanced Sales and Marketing in Hospitality: 3
BA 754 Strategic Selling: 3


Choose four of the following:
BA 628 New Venture Planning and Management: 3
BA 642 Leadership in Business and Professions: 3
BA 760 Technology and Innovation: 3
BA 761 Biotechnology: The Business of Genetics: 3
BA 763 Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship: 3
BA 764 Entrepreneurship: 3
BA 765 Applied Small Business Management: 3
BA 799 Topic/Innovation and Entrepreneurship: 3

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*Based on a full-time student transferring six credits.
**All rates are subject to change.