• Total Credit Hours: 120
  • 12-36 months*
  • Tuition: $410 per credit hour**

Program Overview

As a nurse, you’re a caregiver who’s dedicated to providing care and helping patients become healthy. Now it’s time to take care of yourself and advance to the next stage of your professional career.

Many nursing jobs require a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. Husson University’s online RN-to-BSN program is designed to meet the needs of busy professional nurses. The online format allows students to continue working as they get the education they need to advance their careers to the next level. With more education, RNs can move into more specialized nursing roles or leadership positions!

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Careers in Nursing

Pursuing your online RN-to-BSN degree at Husson University will give you the skills you need to deliver the best patient-centric care possible.

In your courses, you’ll gain in-depth insight into health informatics and leadership development. You’ll also delve into the ethics of healthcare, a critical part of today’s modern healthcare delivery system.

In addition, RN-to-BSN students learn about evidence-based practice, which is improving the nursing industry yearly, and current issues affecting healthcare policies.

There are many advantages to completing a BSN degree. You’ll develop a variety of skills that can be applied to patient care. Completing a BSN will also increase your earning potential and make you more attractive to potential employers. In addition, you’ll be better prepared to take on leadership roles.

  • Nurse Case Manager
    • Case managers focus on healthcare research and try to find the most efficient treatments for patients. Nurse case managers may work in hospitals and labs, analyzing and assessing patient conditions and testing potential treatments. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) found that medical and health service managers earn a median pay of $96,540 per year, with the field growing much faster than the national average. It is projected that this career field will add nearly 70,000 new jobs by 2026.

  • Nurse Anesthetist
    • Nurse anesthetists assist doctors in a wide variety of healthcare settings, from hospitals to dentist’s offices. These professionals provide anesthesia to relieve or prevent patients from feeling pain during a medical procedure. The BLS projects this field will grow 31 percent by 2026, with 64,000 additional jobs. On average, nurse anesthetists earn $107,460 per year.

  • Traveling Nurse
    • If you enjoy traveling and working in different cities and healthcare settings, then you should consider becoming a traveling nurse. These nurses work for a healthcare company rather than a hospital or clinic, moving from location to location based on their assignments.

Admission Requirements

The following is required for admission to the nursing program:

  • Completed application
  • Graduation from a nationally or regionally accredited ASN/ADN nursing program
  • GPA of 2.5
  • All previous college transcripts (even if no credit was earned)
  • An unencumbered nursing license

Applying to Husson University is streamlined and efficient. Our online application guides you through each step of the process. You can also save your partially completed application at any time and finish it later. Husson accepts up to 90 transfer credits.

Your career goals are within reach with Husson University. Apply today to get started.

Get Started

After working as a registered nurse, you’re ready to take on more responsibilities and step up in your industry. Let Husson University help you get there, with our fully online RN-to-BSN degree program. Knowledgeable faculty will teach you the skills you need to move into a new role like those above. This degree can help you provide the best possible care to your patients, and with our online format, you’ll be able to fit your education into your busy life. Get started today!

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Course Map

General Education Courses [49 hours]

EH 123 Rhetoric and Composition I: 3
EH 124 Rhetoric and Composition II: 3
EH 200 Approaches to Literature: 3
MS 132 Probability and Statistics: 3
MS 141 Contemporary College Algebra (or higher): 4
PY 111 General Psychology: 3
PY 141 Human Growth and Development: 3
SC 221 Anatomy and Physiology I: 3
SL 221 Anatomy and Physiology Lab I: 1
SC 222 Anatomy and Physiology II: 3
SL 222 Anatomy and Physiology Lab II: 1
SC 241 Microbiology: 4
SL 241 Microbiology Lab: 0
SY 201 Principles of Sociology: 3
Communications Elective: 3
Fine Arts Elective: 3
Foreign Culture and Conversation Elective: 3
Ethics Elective: 3

Nursing Courses [30 hours]

NU 441 Role Transition to BSN: 3
NU 442 Health Informatics and Technology: 3
NU 443 Quality Improvement in Healthcare Systems: 3
NU 495 BSN Capstone Practice: 3 (with 42 practicum hours)
NU 446 Nursing Practice Science and Skills for the Professional Nurse: 3
NU 445 Evidence Based Practice for the Professional Nurse: 3
NU 448 Interprofessional Collaboration in Rural Public Health: 3
NU 449 Health Policy Issues and Challenges: 3
NU 455 Gernontological Nursing for the Professional Nurse: 3
NU 447 Leadership Development for the Professional Nurse: 3

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*Based on a full-time student transferring 60-90 credits.

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