Financial Freedom: How to Create a Small Business Budget Template

Successfully creating a budget is a crucial aspect of running a business. Budgets provide an efficient way for business owners to organize financial information, project revenue outcomes and gain deeper insight into their company’s financial health. While the initial process of creating a budget may seem daunting, its usefulness is well worth the effort. Creating… Read more »

Software Engineer vs. Software Developer

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs in the computer and information technology sector are projected to grow 12 percent by 2024. Two crucial positions within this field are software developers and software engineers. Although their titles sound similar, each provides a unique service within the realm of software creation. Does a Job… Read more »

Eight Famous Software Engineers

Computers are now a fundamental tool of modern life. As designers and distributors of new technology, software engineers play a critical role in the way people interact with both information and one another. Those software engineers famous for their work are ones whose contributions have been particularly influential throughout the world. The following are eight… Read more »

Finding Your Specialty: Different Types of Nurses

Nursing is one of the fastest-growing occupations in the country. According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs for registered nurses will increase 16 percent by 2024. Those who graduate with a degree in nursing will be entering a job market with plenty of employment options. Types of Nurses Nurse… Read more »

Night Shift Nurse: A Survival Guide

An estimated one-fifth of the world’s working population has a variable schedule or night hours, reports the International Journal of Clinical Medicine (IJCM). Healthcare professionals, including night shift nurses, make up a notable portion of this group. Individuals considering a role as a night shift nurse should make it a point to understand the challenges… Read more »

Consumer Psychology: Theories Behind the Science of Marketing

The science of marketing is increasingly important to success in the modern marketplace. Understanding human behavior — how people think and make decisions — can be illuminating for marketers. Studying online BSBA with a marketing concentration. The fully online program takes just one to two years to complete, giving students a fast track to achieving… Read more »

3 Psychological Influences on Consumer Behavior

Certain factors contribute to a person’s interest in purchasing a product or service. For instance, a recommendation from a family member or celebrity can be powerful. Someone’s age, culture, attitude or perception of need can also impact how receptive the person is to marketing methods. These and other psychological influences on consumer behavior are studied… Read more »

How Do You Express Yourself? Communication Style Assessment for Teachers

The way you express yourself impacts your life and your relationships. In the classroom, it leaves a lasting mark on your students. “The didactic communication process is achieved in classrooms,” according to Roxana Urea in Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences. “The classroom environment has a lot of dimensions: ergonomic, psychological, social, normative, operational and… Read more »

Different Learning Styles and Effective Communication

Educators come in all forms. Professional educators can be classroom teachers, school administrators, and corporate trainers who work outside of the classroom. Regardless of the industry or environment, educators should consider how students learn to maximize a lesson’s effectiveness. According to Robert Sternberg in Perspectives on Psychological Science, “In teaching, we need to take into… Read more »

From Orchid Cryopreservation to Cancer Testing: Latest Biotech News

Research and development in biotechnology is largely responsible for the growth of the industry, according to IBISWorld, and the latest biotech news reflects this trend. Inventions and innovations in 2016 span diagnostics, consumer electronics, artificial human tissue and cryopreservation. The following biotechnology news demonstrates what the future of this field might hold for healthcare and… Read more »