5 Entry Level Jobs in Marketing

The need for marketing is crucial in every sector of the economy. Professionals in this field can help companies find new clients, advertise goods and services, and grow their business.  Individuals who aspire to work in the marketing world will find a wide range of available careers.

Why Get a Job in Marketing?

Marketing jobs rank on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ list of those with the highest projected growth. Furthermore, as social media becomes an increasingly important part of modern culture, businesses are seeking more ways to engage with customers on digital platforms.

Jobs in marketing can be found in nearly every industry. Industries getting a high return on investment (ROI) from their digital marketing efforts, according to Entrepreneur, include law, healthcare, automotive, entertainment and food. Other frequent employers are in retail, real estate, human resources, technology, manufacturing and science.

Below are five common entry-level jobs in marketing.

Social Media Specialist

Social media specialists help companies reach audiences through online platforms. Their responsibilities may include:

  • Managing and regularly updating content for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other platforms
  • Finding new and relevant social media channels to promote their companies
  • Maximizing content promotion through the use of search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) strategies
  • Coordinating with other members of their marketing team on special promotions and events
  • Creating, analyzing and editing content promotion calendars

Assistant Media Buyer

Assistant media buyers provide support in finding advertising space for marketing campaigns.

Duties may include:

  • Performing research on advertising opportunities
  • Assisting with contract negotiations
  • Presenting information to senior media buyers
  • Corresponding with media companies
  • Assisting with media buy budgets

Brand Ambassador

Brand ambassadors promote the goods and services of particular companies directly to buyers. Their responsibilities may vary depending on if they work on digital or more traditional platforms, but all must gain in-depth knowledge of the products they sell to be successful. Brand ambassadors may:

  • Work to convince consumers to buy products, either through online platforms or in person
  • Perform product demonstrations
  • Travel to various locations to promote products, including stores, offices, trade shows, conventions and other events
  • Host promotional events, such as giveaways
  • Build individual relationships with customers
  • Provide guidance to companies based on customer feedback
  • Initiate contact with possible customers, such as individual consumers, stores and other companies

Marketing Specialist

Marketing specialists are entry-level professionals who assist with administrative duties within marketing departments. This role is generally considered a gateway to higher-level jobs. Their responsibilities may include:

  • Collecting market research and other relevant data
  • Compiling, formatting and summarizing information for their superiors
  • Updating and maintaining databases, such as those that track competitors
  • Preparing materials, such as brochures, reports and mailers
  • Assisting with larger projects when needed


Copywriters create written content for marketing campaigns. These individuals should be creative, sensitive to client needs, and excellent communicators. They must also be comfortable working on multiple projects at once and changing their work when needed. Duties include:

  • Writing copy for advertisements used in a variety of platforms, such as radio, print, billboards or online
  • Ensuring the preservation of clients’ brand voice
  • Collaborating with other members of their team to brainstorm and build marketing materials
  • Providing multiple copy options for clients
  • Editing and modifying copy as needed

Those considering entering the field of marketing can increase their prospects by earning the right degree.

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5 Entry Level Jobs in Marketing