What Is Integrated Technology?

Technology has transformed our world, and new innovations appear at dizzying speed. Since part of Husson University’s mission is to prepare students for careers in current and emerging fields, delivering a degree program that enables students to thrive in the IT industry was a natural fit.

A Changing Name for a Changing Field

While the classic conception of IT might be solitary individuals working on hardware or software, the modern world of IT requires professionals who can work in a team, communicate effectively and manage projects well. The changing nature of IT requires a new kind of education and led Husson to reimagine its online Bachelor of Science in Software Development into the Bachelor of Science in Integrated Technology, with a Software Development concentration. This change more accurately represents the university’s efforts to provide students with a complete curriculum designed to bridge technical knowledge with real-world applications.

Why “Integrated Technology”?

The name change was a result of merging forces, explains Michael Knupp, assistant professor of information technology at Husson.

Assistant Professor of Information Technology at Husson UniversityHistorically, the university taught three on-ground IT programs: software development, computer information systems and web media. Although the existence of these programs illustrated Husson’s commitment to the field, administrators wanted to find a way to bring these programs together.

The goal of the program was to graduate students who were both technically competent and understanding of IT in a larger context. The program differs from traditional computer science degrees because it provides a single and comprehensive learning experience.

Within the context of Husson’s online degree program, “integrated technology” can be defined by what Knupp refers to as “information technology with a twist.”

“Think bigger than technology,” Knupp says. “[We want graduates to] understand and appreciate that technology transcends every industry.”

The result of this attitude? Students are challenged to do more than reach technical competency. Instead, they are taught to understand how what they learn is applicable to the everyday world in which they live, work and play.

Connecting Software With Real-World Technology

The online integrated technology program at Husson utilizes both its curriculum and a focus on current IT trends to help students gain a relevant, practical education.

Students take a cohesive set of classes designed to give them a well-rounded understanding of technology in context. Approximately one-third of their classes are IT specific, one-third are general education and a full one-third are oriented toward business-related topics. Husson also offers a Current Trends in IT course, which gives students a direct opportunity to connect their technical education with its wider use.

This combination of classes enables students to ask crucial questions of their field such as:

  • Why do we have the technology we have?
  • What practical problems are we trying to solve by studying these technology systems?
  • Why do businesses need the systems I study?
  • How can I look for solutions to the technological challenges faced by tomorrow’s employers?

Husson’s commitment to bridging technical knowledge and its practical application to the workforce makes the university uniquely qualified to ready students for their professional IT careers.

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